Balance Pan-Asian Grille Grows Business in Downtown Toledo

Since the opening of its first location in Maumee in 2010, Balance Pan-Asian Grille has been tantalizing Toledoans’ taste buds with fast-casual fusion cuisine — everything from nutritious bowls and flavorful tacos to fresh-brewed bubble teas and more.

“We don’t just want people to be happy when they eat here,” said Prakash Karamchandani, co-founder and co-owner of Balance, along with HoChan Jang. “We want to blow them away.”

So with the hip Asian-fusion restaurant geared to expand, it only made sense to set sights on Downtown Toledo, said ComLink agent Michael McCarthy, who was instrumental in securing the new spot at 215 N. Summit St.

“We knew that such a top-notch site was perfect for Balance,” McCarthy said. “It’s not just another restaurant. They’re proof of Toledo’s innovative spirit, and with their big ideas for Toledo and beyond, they needed a great central location.”

On the corner of Summit and Jefferson, Balance Pan-Asian Grille’s fourth restaurant is situated in the retail space that is part of the historic parking garage attached to the Tower on the Maumee office building — ideally located for the upsurge of downtown residents and business people in need of tasty, health-conscious lunch and dinner options.

And next to the restaurant will soon be an 8,000-square-foot urban indoor aquaponics farm to grow produce and supply all of their Toledo-area restaurants.

“Going back to our roots, as restaurateurs, we want to nourish our neighbors [and] community,” Karamchandani explained. “From a nutrition perspective, the faster we can get product from the field to the store, the better overall quality we offer to our customers.”

While Toledo has had its challenges, he continued, this was the only place they could’ve pulled it off.

ComLink Realty is helping businesses who want to play a big role in Toledo’s comeback find a location in the heart of the action, McCarthy added.

“Right now, the biggest opportunities to grow and succeed in Toledo are downtown.”

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